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Scientific Research to determine the effectiveness of Reiki energy.

I was attuned to Reiki I on June 25, 2003. I have to admit that I am approaching Reiki with a healthy skepticism. I hope that it proves effective and lives up to at least half of its hype, but other things of a similar nature have not. (Note: I have since become convinced that Reiki is a viable method of healing energy and now want to help determine how and to what extent it works. 9-17-03)

To clear up any doubt, I have decided to conduct controlled experiments to see if I can determine that Reiki is indeed effective and if so, what factors might affect its effectiveness. (What a sentence!) This page will serve as a menu into my experimental research pages. Anyone who stumbles across them is welcome to cite the research and encouraged to find a Reiki Master/Teacher to provide them with an attunement of their own.



The Experiments: Since Reiki is supposed to be useful for plants as well as humans, you should be able to experimentally prove the existence and efficiacy of Reiki by applying Reiki to a group of plants while maintaining a control group of plants not receiving direct Reiki energy. One would expect the group of plants receiving Reiki to fare better given the same water, nutrients and light. Sunflowers were chosen for my experiments because they are a fast growing plant which will show measurable growth each day. My expectation is that plants that receive Reiki will sprout first and grow fastest.

I have decided to put my experiments on hold until the next spring so I can transplant the plants into the garden at the end of each experiment rather than just composting them. I am putting together an email list of anyone who wishes to be notified of the results/progress of the experiments. If you want to be notified email me at

  1. Existence Test. (Terminated) Plant 12 sunflower seeds in the same type of pot, using potting soil from the same bag. Make sure that the potting soil is evenly mixed by pouring from the bag and mixing in a larger container. To prevent accidental Reiki influence, have an assistant do the actual planting. Arrange the pots into two groups of six each on separate trays to contain the water. (It may be necessary to further split the groups based on the size of water trays available, but be sure that the split is even and that all trays are the same.) Each day Reiki the experimental half and ignore the other half. Record day each pot sprouts and the height of each plant each day.

The following tests all depend on some measurable results from the Existence Test.

  1. Existence Test#2. (Started Apr 26, 2004.) Plant 12 pots with two sunflower seeds each. Once a group sprouts, divide into control group and Reiki group and provide Reiki to  group One each day to determine if they grow differently under the influence of Reiki.
  2. Intention Test. (Not yet begun.) See if Reiki is always on or does it matter if you are wanting or trying to send Reiki. This will require that the 12 plants be divided into 3 groups of 4 each. (or you could do 3 groups of 6 each for 18 plants). Use one group for control, one group will receive passive Reiki (hold and touch but do not try to send Reiki), and one group will receive intentional Reiki for the same amount of time as group two each day.
  3. Penetration Test. (Not yet begun.) To determine if some materials block Reiki energy, interpose a sheet of the material under the trays containing the plants to Reiki. Plant 12 sunflower seeds as in the Existence Test and set the trays on various types of material to see if they make a difference. Materials to try would be aluminum, copper, steel, plexiglass, glass, wood, etc.
  4. Grid Effectiveness Test. (Not yet begun.) Some sources describe how to create a grid pattern that will direct Reiki energy continuously. To determine if this works, plant 12 sunflower seeds in the same type of pt, using potting soil from the same bag. Place half the plants within the grid and half outside the grid. Record day each pot sprouts and the height of each plant each day.
  5. The Great Tomato Test.  (Completed )Split a tomato in two, place in sealed jars and Reiki only one and see what happens.
  6. Test of Distant Reiki.  With the positive results of the Great Tomato Test, I am going to use it to test the effectiveness of Distant Reiki.

Small Experiments of Interest

Please feel free to contact me with questions about these experiments:

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