Distant Reiki Test

Using the same setup at the Great Tomato Test. I am going to split a tomato between two jars.  One I will provide with distant Reiki and one will be a control.

Experiment started November 3rd.  Click on the pictures to see a full size picture.

Please do not send any Reiki to help this experiment.  I am planning another experiment later where I will ask that everyone join in.

Information Reiki Tomato---------------------Non-Reiki Tomato
Nov 3rd - Experiment begins.
Nov 4th - The non-Reiki tomato is starting to lose move fluid and shows slightly more condensation on the jar.
Nov 5th - The non-Reiki and the Reiki tomatoes both look about the same today, even though it does not seem so in these pictures.
Nov 8th - Both tomatoes look similar with numerous white spots, but the non-Reiki pair have definitely lost more fluid and one of them is starting to shrink in upon itself.
Nov 9th - Little change from prior days.
Nov 10th - Both tomatoes continue to show very little growth of bacteria.  One of the non-Reiki tomatoes continues to shrink in upon itself as it loses fluid.