Reiki Existence Test #2

Scientific Research to determine the effectiveness of Reiki energy.

Plant 4 sunflower seeds (Used Mammoth Grey Stripe 5-7 ft expected size) each in 12 of the same type of pot, using potting soil from the same bag. (Used Ladybug Potting Soil a local organic brand.)  Make sure that the potting soil is evenly mixed by pouring from the bag and mixing in a larger container. To prevent accidental Reiki influence, have an assistant do the actual planting. Once a group of seeds sprout, arrange the pots into two groups of six each on separate trays to contain the water. (It may be necessary to further split the groups based on the size of water trays available, but be sure that the split is even and that all trays are the same.) Each day Reiki the experimental half and ignore the other half. Record day each pot sprouts and the height of each plant each day.

This experiment began April 26 2004. Numerical Data can be viewed by clicking here.

 Apr 26, 2004 Started the experiment.  Decided to not Reiki the pots until plants had sprouted.  The plan is to see how the Reiki affects growth without determining if Reiki will affect time of sprouting.  Placed 4 seeds in each pot.

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Apr 29 The first seeds are starting to sprout.

Keeping the pots moist and rotating the three trays in a cycle so each spends one day in each of the three windows to try to ensure that they all get the same benefit from location.

Pictures of plants as they grow.
Apr 30 Many seeds are now up. Pictures of plants as they grow.
May 2 Most seeds are up and they are starting to shed their shell.  In a day or two I will start the Reiki!  The plants were starting to get a little leggy, so my able assistant moved them out into the sun for a while.  I, of course, worried about the attack squirrels that ruined that last experiment.
May 7 The plants have gotten way to leggy on the window ledge so I have decided to move them outside.  Hopefully they are too big for the squirrels to want to eat them now.  I am ready to start the Reiki, I just need to measure each plant for a starting level.
May 8 Moved the pots to a larger water tray, measured and started the Reiki.  For reference, the right tray has pots 1-6 from lower left to upper right and the left tray has 7-12 with all pots showing plant A to the right with B, then C in clockwise rotation with D in the center of the pot.  The stem of pot 4 plant D broke while I was moving them.  Started with 10 min. of Reiki to each pot in the 7-12 range because they looked like they were not doing as well as the others. (Before I broke one!)  Reiki provided by holding one pot in each hand and pressing them together in front of me on the table as I intend Reiki to flow and repeat the CKR symbol over and over.
May 11 Plants are beginning to firm up.  Some suffered broken stems due to wind damage.
May 26 I have started placing the numerical data on line.  (see the link above.)  The pictures continue to show both sets of pots looking pretty similar, but the data shows a slight increase in the Reiki group, which seems to be widening slowly.  I'm feeling a little guilty for not giving Reiki every day as I planned.  In actual practice, I am only giving the Reiki every 3 or 4 days.  
Jun 3 There have been several heavy storms the last two days but the plants continue go thrive.  The Reiki group is starting to separate itself even more.  
Jun 17 The Reiki group continues to separate itself from the control group.  I am getting ready to transplant to the yard and will see how things go.  Once I transplant I will not be taking such careful measurements.