Reiki Existence Test

Scientific Research to determine the effectiveness of Reiki energy.

Plant 12 sunflower seeds in the same type of pot, using potting soil from the same bag. Make sure that the potting soil is evenly mixed by pouring from the bag and mixing in a larger container. To prevent accidental Reiki influence, have an assistant do the actual planting. Arrange the pots into two groups of six each on separate trays to contain the water. (It may be necessary to further split the groups based on the size of water trays available, but be sure that the split is even and that all trays are the same.) Each day Reiki the experimental half and ignore the other half. Record day each pot sprouts and the height of each plant each day.

To further make the experiment useful, I have decided to also test for relative strength of Reiki provided by dominant and non-dominant hands. One would expect slightly better results from the dominant hand based on literature published with even better results from both hands, but all Reiki pots should fare better than their non-Reiki brethren.


This experiment began 7-8-2003 and was terminated on 7-18-2003. It is scheduled to begin again in March or April 2004.

7-8-2003 The six pots on the left will receive daily Reiki, while the six on the right will not.

The six pots on the left are numbered 1 thru 6 starting at the top of the picture and proceeding counterclockwise. Pots 1 and 2 receive Reiki from the non-dominant hand. Post 3 and 4 receive Reiki from the dominant hand. Pots 5 and 6 receive Reiki from both hands.

7-12-2003 The upper picture of these two shows the pots which have received Reiki for 5 minutes each day and the lower picture shows the control plants.

In the upper picture only pot 1 has sprouted (upper right). Pot 2 was found to have an empty seed shell in it (squirrels must have got it).

In the lower picture ALL but pot 6 (lower left) have sprouted.

7-18-2003   I have to terminate the experiment because the squirrels have eaten the tops off of several of the plants.

At this point no new plants have sprouted since 7-12.

8-1-2003   Final note: None of the other seeds came up, so I think they must have been duds. I was interested in seeing if they just came up a lot slower than the non-reiki seeds.