Reiki Tomato Test

Scientific Research to determine the effectiveness of Reiki energy.

This test was suggested to me by MattiT on the Reiki-4-All web site.  I don't know what is expected to happen so I am doing it just to see.  The instructions given were to place two halves of the same tomato into separate jars.  Reiki one and not the other and you should see substantial differences in a few days.

This experiment began June 3, 2004. Click on the pictures to show a larger version.

 Jun 3, 2004 Started the experiment.  Actually using only one quarter of a tomato in each jar.  (My wife ate the other half of the experiment:)  
Jun 4 A little bit of fuzz is starting to grow on the tomato in the left jar (the non-Reiki one) with just a spot or two showing on the right tomato. Day 2
Jun 6 Had to go out of town yesterday.  It looks like the Reiki side is starting to get fuzzy too, but not as much as the non-Reiki side.
Jun 7 The non-Reiki tomato on the left is now fully involved with mold while the right one is only about half covered and not as deeply.
Jun 8 The non-Reiki tomato is now visibly settling in on itself and it growing hair-like filaments as well as the blanket of fuzz.  The Reiki tomato seems to be holding its own.
Jun 9 The non-Reiki tomato  has shrunk to about one half of the size it started. The jar with the non-Reiki tomato also has about twice as much liquid pooling at the bottom.
Jun 10 I was not sure yesterday but now I am.  The fuzz on the Reiki tomato is receding!  If you look at the pictures above in sequence you can see that it basically got worse when I went out of town, then the day I got back in got a little worse, but then has started receding a little each day.
Jun 13 Had to go out of town for the weekend.  I thought that the fungus might start to take over the Reiki tomato again but it does not seem to have done so.  It is finally starting settling in on itself though.