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 All components of the MatchMaker Software Series are designed to work together. They share important files and work together to meet the varied requirements of real-world Adaptive/Assistive Technology professionals. All MatchMaker Series products are available for Microsoft Windows™ or Windows95/98™ and for Apple Macintosh™ or Power Macintosh™. Our ScanSoft Series utilizing speech capabilities specific to Microsoft Windows technology and is only available for 32-bit Windows95 or newer systems.

Currently available:

Provide an unbiased match of the needs of the client to the devices which most closely meet those needs.

Assist the AAC professional in documenting an AAC evaluation. Provides reminders of all critical areas which need to be addressed in a team assessment and quality documentation of the assessment.

Helps the AAC professional keep track of all client information and details of assessment, treatment, therapists assigned, physicians, funding and general comments.

Helps School Districts keep track of which students are receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy.

Talking Products - Each of the following products uses our animated, talking characters to increase interest.

In development:

- TextTalker - A rudimentary communication aid. Any text entered into the input box will be spoken.

- Talking Books - On screen books are read to the user by a talking animated character.

- Scanning Reversi - The game of flipping buttons.

- Battleship - The classic game of guesswork.

Match your client's needs to over 30 switch characteristics and receive a printout of the switches that meet an individual's specific type of needs.

Quick and easy to use - funding request letters are tailored to your client. Appropriate letters containing non-biased, computer generated facts of assessment and device selection.

Helps select appropriate complete systems to secure switches and communication systems.

Provides information about the numerous Environmental Controls on the market.

Let the computer sift through the enormous list of software available to find that one piece that best fits your client's needs.

 Define the critical features of the wheelchair that your client needs to determine the best equipment for their particular situation.

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