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AAT Assessment Tool
Version 2.1

Now Available for
Microsoft Windows™

version 1.2 remains available for
Apple Macintosh™ & Power Macintosh™

Time is the most precious resource of any busy professional, AAT evaluators are no exception. Doug Dodgen and Associates has created an easy to use software tool to meet the needs of the busy AAT professional: AAT Assessment Tool.

The AAT Assessment Tool can help reduce the time needed to complete the mundane task of writing evaluations, thus freeing the AAT professional to spend more time doing that for which they are trained, conducting evaluations and providing service. It is the newest weapon in the Doug Dodgen and Associates arsenal of tools to help the AAT professional. It provides the service of organizing report data, easily entering pertinent information, and printing unique evaluation reports.

The tool reminds busy professionals to examine each necessary area, without forcing the professional to enter the information in any particular order. By prompting for information about the client's attributes in each key area, the program can then intelligently format the data into a comprehensive report much easier than the AAT professional could write the report directly.

The AAT Assessment Tool presents a series of screens that request information about the assessment. These screens can be completed in sequence or in any order the user desires. There is no need to complete all the screens. Not all clients have the same needs. Any screen or block within a screen that is not completed is simply not used in the final evaluation report. Each screen is easier to complete than writing notes to complete a report later would be. Not only do the screens cover every necessary area, but many "stock" phrases are entered automatically with little effort. The screens combine input areas with choice areas to simplify quick entry of information.

New in Version 2 - The user can change what the stock phrases are that the program uses when a selection is made! This makes the AAT Assessment Tool an even more powerful assistant. The reports can now be personalized to meet your own style. You can even change the phrases used to a non-English language if you want.

What could be easier? Complete the applicable blocks, then click on PRINT to receive a comprehensive, unique, well written assessment report. Using the power of the computer, you keep your reports organized to make it easier to recall any particular report later.

To see sample screens click here

System Requirements
8 megabytes of RAM memory (16MB on PowerMacs)
8 megabytes of Hard Disk Storage
3" Disk Drive for installation
Printer for reports and documentation
Cost: $99.95 plus 10% shipping/handling fee (School Purchase Orders Accepted)

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