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The ScanSoft Series

We at Doug Dodgen and Associates have been concerned for some time that people who use switches for scanning to access the computer have been under-serviced in the software development area. There are not many in the market specifically for switch scanners, and those that are available are generally only basic communication material. Every thing else that people who utilize scanning are expected to use is provided by modifying the computer to allow them to somehow use software developed for individuals with full use of the keyboard and mouse. This is often an insurmountable obstacle for people who utilize scanning.

The ScanSoft series was created to help alleviate this shortfall. We will be designing software specifically for switch users, optimized to make it as easily accessible as possible. These programs will fall into two main categories:

Currently Available

Funtasia - A tool to help with literacy training.

Beta Testing

TextTalker - Anything entered into a text area can be spoken by the animated characters. Includes ability to save and load files and choose from stored phrases.

In Design

Scanning Matrix - We have some innovative ideas to make scanning easier.


Currently Available

Solitare - The classic card game of patience.

Hangman - Guess the letters to spell the word. Has options to allow educators to load custom word lists, or choose from a configurable dictionary of common words.

Beta Testing

Scanning Reversi - The game of flipping buttons.

In Design

Secret Pal - A combination diary, friend, reminder. Make entries for any day in your diary. Carry on a conversation with a secret animated pal. Schedule reminders for future dates.

ScanMuncher - Run around a maze munching dots and avoiding the bad guys.

Battleship - The classic game of hiding your ships and guessing where others are.

 Talking Books - We are working on a set of books for early childhood and also a study aid for older users to read classic literature.

All our switch enabled software will be designed with animated, speaking characters to make the programs more enjoyable and to provide speech capabilities.

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