ActiveVoices, our dynamic screen communications tool


by Doug Dodgen and Associates

ActiveVoices is our new Dynamic Screen Communication program. With it, you can turn any Microsoft Windows computer into the best communication system available. Click here to see a sample screen with futher explanation.

ActiveVoices provides all the “normal” functions of a dynamic screen communication program: Cells containing pictures and/or text, recorded or synthesized speech when selected or as audible prompts, scanning or direct selection of cells, links to other pages or page sets, pop-up screens, word prediction, cell prediction or sequencing, and templates.

Special stand out features of ActiveVoices include:


Available for Microsoft Windows95/98/NT/2000

System Requirements:

32 megabytes of RAM memory, 40 megabytes of hard disk storage

CD-Rom drive, Speakers and Sound Card

 DDA catalog number AV121……………………….$799.95

(program, multiple languages, cell library, page editor, tutorials and sample pages all included)


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