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AAC Device Vendors

The vendors listed below manufacture AAC devices that are contained in the database of devices used by our AAC Feature Match Software. This list changes each year as we update our database. Current effective date is 01/01/98.

Ability Research, Inc.

AbleNet, Inc.



Assistive Technology, Inc.


Common Cents Systems

Communications Devices, Inc.

Companion Products International

Crestwood Company

DC&D, Inc

Don Johnston

Enabling Devices, a division of Toys for Special Children

Frame Technologies

GMR Labs

Great Talking Box Company




Mayer Johnson

Prentke Romich Company

Sentient Systems




Other AAC Sites

 Assistive Technology On-Line - Contains an extensive listing of AAC information and links 

 Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication (U.of Nebraska-Lincoln) - Contains informative on-line documents for study and self-improvement for AAC professionals such as a growing list of device tutorials and Powerpoint slide presentations.

Communication Aid Manufacturers Association (CAMA)  - A not-for-profit organization of the world's leading manufacturers of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) software and hardware products. Contains links to major manufacturers and listings of workshops to be held.

 Elks-Help - ELKS-HELP is free equipment lending program for the disabled and those working with the disabled. ELKS-HELP's purpose is to make it possible for you to become acquainted with the available technology and to try a device before you buy it. The service is available to anyone having a need to know, living within the State of Alaska.  

 Enable Coalition - The site where parents and professionals in Manitoba, Canada can browse to find answers to their questions about children with special needs. They cover many disabilities and disorders, topics and issues, and even host many relevant organizations. Even if you aren't from Manitoba, have a look around. You'll find its a pretty good place to be a special needs kid!

 Florida Assistive Technology Education Network (ATEN) - Contains training materials to download and databases of information to assist professionals. 

 National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education (NCIP) - Houses a series of facilitated discussion conferences focusing on technology and special education. NCIPnet enables you to communicate with other members of NCIPnet--technology coordinators, staff developers, teachers, specialists, clinicians, administrators, university faculty, parents, advocates, and consumers--who share a common desire to improve the use of technology with students who have disabilities.  

 Open Access Resource Centre Inc. - An Augmentative Communication Lending Library / Resource Centre is a non-profit service comprised of 2 major elements: (1) An augmentative and adaptive communications resource centre (2) A network for information and resource sharing in the field of assistive technology 

Trace Research and Design Center - Home of the large ABLEDATA database for assistive technology. Has a collection of computer access software and other tools available for downloading.

Training and Technical Assistance Center (T-TAC)  - Created to help improve educational opportunities for students with developmental delays (birth through age 9) and students with severe disabilities.

 Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI) - Contains useful forms used by Wisconsin schools and has several products to assist professionals. Their director, Penny Reed, is well know in the AUGCOM community for her knowledge and speaks at frequent workshops.

AAT/Augcom Partners

 AAT/Augcom Partners - We at Doug Dodgen and Associates are proud to host the AAT/AugCom Partners, a network of vendors, professionals and consumers interested in using and furthering the use of assistive technology and augmentative communications for the benefit of all.

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